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"Lahna Harris definitely knows her stuff! I took the Reiki I & II class over a weekend, and all I can say is - WOW. Incredible. I will be back! Anyone considering learning Reiki - I wholeheartedly recommend this woman. She's great! Thank You, Lahna."

Leigh Watson Reynolds, LMT, MMT - New Albany, IN


"I had a handwriting analysis done with Lahna Harris. Wow! She is amazing!! I learned so much about myself and she also gave me tips on how to improve my success by changing how I write some of my letters. If you get a chance, book her for an appointment. She is awesome!!! Highly recommend!"

Cindy Fess, Artist/Jeweler/Author - Louisville, KY


"Lahna Harris has a fine-honed skill in her analysis practice, that allowed me to not only remember some things I had pushed back in my mind, but to look at a different way of 'fixing' them - sometimes all it takes is crossing the 'T' differently. This is a most fascinating and enlightening study. Thanks Lahna!"

Beverly McChesney, Owner Ohm Sweet Ohm, Lexington, KY


"I love the way you do handwriting analysis. You did a fine job and were totally accurate. Even with me being on chemo, you could tell what was going on with me. ."

Jennifer Day, Data Analyst and Intuitive, Clarksville, IN


"Lahna, thanks so much for providing a detailed interpretation of some of my better qualities as well as some possible actions to be taken in the other areas that you noted. After all these years, I value your friendship, and now your analytical talents as well."

Larry Upton, Largo, FL


"The first thing that struck me about Lahna is her playful yet gentle energy. Only the love for what she does exceeds the extensive knowledge and healing abilities that she has, which she willingly shares with anybody seeking healing, growth and inspiration. She started out as being my teacher and has now become my mentor and good friend."

Daniela Mouser, Fortson, GA


"Lahna has helped and taught me so much!  She gave me Reiki before and after my hysterectomy which contributed to an easy recovery and quick return to work.  Lahna also tutored me to become a Reiki Master through a great program that allowed me to grow and increase in the practice that I continue to this day."

Debbie B., RN, Tucson, AZ


I recently had a handwriting analysis by Lahna Harris, and I was absolutely amazed at the things handwriting can reveal. My personality profile was right on the mark! It showed my strengths and weaknesses and gave great insight on how to manage them. Through my handwriting, she also picked up on some of my concerns, such as the need for more physical activity. After this session, I can see how helpful an analysis would be for an individual selecting a career or the head of personnel for choosing an employee. It would also be very useful in determining compatibility with other individuals in professional and personal situations. I would highly recommend that everyone contact Lahna for a session. It is both entertaining and enlightening! She truly is an expert.

Roberta Simpson Brown, Author


"I can't say enough positive about Lahna and her services! She conducted a distant Reiki session on a patient in the ICU. This person had been told that if they did not get an emergency organ transplant they would die. Within 24 hours of Lahna's distant session the patient was transferred out of the ICU. Within 48 hours she was sent home, no longer needing an organ transplant. The distant Reiki was amazingly effective and very fast acting. Although Lahna does not take credit for this - stating she was only the channel for intervention from a higher realm - I continue to value her gifts and recommend her to others."

John D. Gray, Albuquerque, NM


"Lahna presented a Handwriting Analysis workshop for the Kentucky Association of Hypnotherapists, and it provided a strong foundation for all therapists, or anyone interested in the topic."

"I have attended three of Lahna's workshops, and they were all interesting and different. Each one added to my knowledge - layer on layer - which helps because the subject is so complex."

"Thanks Lahna, you are so amazing in all you do, and you are an excellent teacher. Your joy and dedication shine through!"

Ann Hemdahl-Owen, New Albany, IN
Hypnotherapist and Expressive Therapist


"As a Reiki Master, Lahna Harris exudes more knowledge than any other practitioner I've met to date. She's a very gifted teacher and appreciates sharing her wisdom with people from all walks of life."

Colleen West, Colorado, USA
Spiritual Intuitive-Medium


"It has been my good fortune to have known Lahna Harris since 1997. When we met, I was dealing with a case of diverticulitis. Her natural spiritual compassion more than once nursed me through some very rough times."

"Lahna also brings this natural spiritual compassion to her energy work. I have received a number of Reiki sessions for a number of ailments. Her focused attention produced definite results."

"I have also been able to watch Lahna interact with others at health and wellness festivals. She instantly connects with the person she is speaking with and they leave having had a personal experience."

Michael Kessler, Louisville,KY
Author, Speaker, Musician


"I have known Lahna for almost four years. She is a very nurturing and caring person whose intuitiveness and natural gifts shine through on all levels. I have been blessed to receive distant Reiki energy from Lahna for myself and friends of mine. Thank you, Lahna!"

Rebecca Proffitt, Albequerque, N.M.
Artist, Writer, Poet, Intuitive


"Lahna did a handwriting analysis for me that was really accurate and amazing! She is also a lovely angel, and I'm so glad we met!"

Cindy Lowy Fess, Louisville, KY
Artist, Original Jewelry, Art Classes


"Lahna Harris gave me Reiki sessions and also taught me Reiki I, II, and III. She helped me understand, recognize and appreciate the healing and energetic potential with Reiki."

"She is knowledgeable, sensitive, ethical, helpful and joyful in her approach to serving others with multiple healing modalities. Lahna is skillful in her application of practical techniques, and she is sensitive to the needs of her clients. I recommend her to anyone for all of her work - Reiki, Handwriting Analysis, Energy Balancing, Hypno-Coaching, and Guided Meditation."

Thomas Freese, Louisville, KY
Author, Professional Storyteller


"Lahna analyzed my handwriting, and I found it to be very helpful. I also attended an event where she performed several analyses. She is both informative and entertaining!"

Dr. Rafael Cruz, Clarksville, IN


"My insight is indeed increased. Socrates said "know thyself" and although introspection is valuable, I want to know what others see! Many of your conclusions were right on as I have said those things about myself in the past. Amazing! I had hoped handwriting analysis would actually be valid, as opposed to common pseudo-science, and I am now a believer. I will watch my 'y' and 'g' loops as well. Thank you."

M. W. Lucas, RN - Los Angeles, CA


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