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"The session brought so much clarity for me about a particular issue….I understand now and have made peace…."

Louisville, KY

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HYPNOSIS means "increased knowledge."  The etiology of this word is: 

 "hyp" = increase, and "nosis" = knowledge.

Contrary to popular belief, the person who is experiencing hypnosis is more alert, and memory is improved during a session.

No one can be guided into a hypnotic trance unless he or she is willing to, and desires to experience increased awareness and relaxation.

This service is referred to as "hypno-coaching" because you are not alone in your individual process.

You are encouraged to work toward your goals, and you can always call with questions.



Hypnosis is used for a variety of purposes.  Holistic Wellness Therapies uses  gentle "coaching" techniques to assist clients with relaxation, stress reduction, smoking cessation, and addictions.

Another popular technique - regression - is used to uncover the "real" problem that has led to stress, addictions, and even somatic complaints.



Holistic Wellness Therapies will have an informal interview with you, at which time you determine what area of your life you want to understand more fully or what habits you want to release.  Most clients also want to learn self-hypnosis as a means of relaxation.

Holistic Wellness Therapies then becomes your HYPNO-COACH to help you work toward your goals.  Sessions range from thirty minutes to one hour.

Guided visualization is always incorporated into sessions. Smoking Cessation consists of three visits in a one week period, with a free 30-day follow-up.

Self-Hypnosis can be accomplished in one session.  Bad habits and addictions other than nicotine range from one - five visits.

For questions about Hypno-Coaching, or to schedule an appointment, contact us:


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