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Everything has an energy field that surrounds it.  This energy field is usually referred to as the "aura."  Matter such as plants, animals and people have auras that are more pronounced and easier to detect than inanimate objects such as a piece of  furniture. 
If your energy changes, your aura changes.  The healthier you are at all levels -- physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally --  the more vital your aura.  When your energy level is low, your aura can be weak and result in imbalances or blockages within one or more of your energy centers, known as 'chakras.'
Illnesses and diseases usually result from a state of dis-ease caused from thoughts and feelings that in turn have an effect on your energy centers and aura.
YOU CAN MAINTAIN A VITAL AURA through working with the seven major energy centers located along the spine.  As stated above, these centers are referred to as chakras.  Each chakra spins continuously at a certain frequency.  However, when one of your chakras is not spinning at its natural frequency, imbalances can occur at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.  When one chakra is "out of balance" it is likely that others may be blocked or disrupted as well. When the chakras are balanced, the auric field is also balanced, and the free and natural flow of energy is maintained.
Chakra balancing can help your body's healing abilities through restoring your natural flow of energy. Some of the more popular approaches for chakra balancing are: Reiki, Healing Touch, Therapeutic Massage, Crystals, Meditation Techniques, Color Therapy, and Acupressure.
It is good to remember that everyone has the capability of self healing, and that you are ultimately responsible as co-creator of your own well being. It is also enlightening to know that you are supported in caring for your sacred self through kindred spirits, life force energies, and all of God's gifts from the universe.

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